What is the Youth Employment Service (YES)?

he Youth Employment Services (YES) was established to benefit young people who are seeking income and job experience and employers who are in need of full-time, part-time or temporary help.

YES also helps young people develop job-related skills through an application and interview process, workshops and other training programs.

YES assist youth in dealing with on-the-job problems and encourages them to view these problems as learning experiences.

YES also strives to increase contacts with area businesses, industry and individuals.

Who does YES serve?

All Monroe County Youth between the ages of 14 to 18, regardless of social, economic, ethnic, or racial background.

All youth who register with YES must first register on The staff will then discuss with your your job interests and abilities.  YES will then attempt to help you find a job and determine if you are eligible for training programs designed to increase your skills for a particular job.

Monroe County Youth Employment Service
Box 81, Merchants Plaza
Tannersville, PA  18372