Pennsylvania Office of
Vocational Rehabilitation

The Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) provides employment related services to individuals with disabilities.  Services are provided to individuals who require services to prepare for, obtain, or retain employment.

OVR provides services through fifteen District Offices located throughout the commonwealth.  The Allentown District Office serves Monroe County.

The Federal and State Governments work in partnership to fund the Vocational Rehabilitation Program.  Since 1919, OVR has provided rehabilitation services to Pennsylvanians with disabilities.

Important factors determining eligibility are:

     1.     The physical, mental, or sensory impairment must create a substantial barrier to employment.
     2.     The individual must require OVR services to prepare for, obtain, or retain employment.

An OVR Counselor will determine eligibility for services after gaining a thorough understanding of an individual's abilities, limitations, interests, and aptitudes.  Services are provided on a non-discriminatory basis. They may include, but are not limited to vocational assessment, counseling and guidance, durable medical equipment or devices, vehicle modifications, training, job coaching, assistive technology, or other services required to enable an individual with a severe disability become competitively employed in the community.