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The operators for the PA CareerLink in Monroe County consist of a consortium of the following 3 partners:

John Casella          CareerLink Administrator                                   570-620-2960
Elaine Stalfa              Bureau of Workforce Partnership & Operatios       570-620-2863
Rick Walters          Office of Vocational Rehabilitation                           800-922-9536

CareerLink Contacts

Alasty, Peter                  Career Guidance               570-620-2410 
Coolbaugh, Gerald         Business Services              610-821-6441 
Czarnecki, Jacob            Career Guidance              570-620-2951 
Hammond, Kristi            Career Guidance              570-620-0519 
Harrison, Debbie            Customer Information       570-620-0782 
Jones, Kim                    Customer Information        570-620-2850 
Joseph, Pamela              Business Services              570-620-2855 
Kelleher, Paul                Business Services              570-620-2853 
Langlois, Don                 Business Services              570-620-2859 
Laventure, Cassandra     Business Services              570-620-2885 
Masdiaz, Julio                Business Services               570-620-2861 
McKane, Jerry               Business Services              570-620-2856 
McKillop, Nancy           Administration                    570-620-2958
Montalbano, Charlie       Business Services              570-620-2858 
Oakman, Ken                Customer Information        570-620-2065 
Sokolowski, Donna        Career Guidance               570-620-0172 
Tucky, Ashley                 Business Services             610-82-6441   
Volney, Mary                 Administration                   570-620-2850  
Williams, Tom                 Business Services             570-620-2850  
Youngblood, Sheryl        Customer Information       570-602-8780