Bureau of Workforce  Partnership & Operations

Bureau of Workforce Partnership & Operations

BWPO (Bureau of Workforce Partnership & Operations), is an agency from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. It oversees state administration of federally funded job training and job placement programs for Monroe County.  As a CareerLink partner, the bureau serves job seekers and employers looking for workers including job placement, counseling, testing and Veterans services.

Working with the CareerLink, local Workforce Investment Boards, the bureau provides retraining programs for dislocated workers and programs to provide job training, remedial education and other support for economically disadvantage youths and adults.

Employer Services
Recruitment Assistance                                                 Screening & Referral Services
Counseling                                                                    Labor Market Information
Training Cost Reimbursement programs                         Business Development and Financing Information
Educational and Training guidance                                  Community Human Services
Outplacement services relating to workforce                   Rapid Response capability to new industry or expansion needs
downsizing, layoffs or closings.

Job Seeker Services
CareerLink enrollment                                                  Information for job openings
Job development & placement services                         Employment applications for companies in Monroe County
Counseling & Career Guidance                                     New Directions Services
Federal & State Civil Service                                         Job search workshops
Veterans employment services                                       TAA/NAFTA Services

For further information on the PA Department of Labor & Industry just visit our website at: www.dli.state.pa.us